We at Optical Centre are the leading players in the market for the best possible eyecare solutions. The vision and mission of Mr. K.L.Gera who has built the foundation of our company is to constantly upgrade the optical industry standards to the best, since 1968.

The humble beginnings of Optical Centre pioneered to solve the problem of poor-quality products and services being offered in the optical industry which might as well result in serious eye damage in the long run.

We have invested in the best possible high-end technology available to best serve our customers. The better the technology, higher the accuracy of your vision, and the least possible time required to adjust to your new almost perfect vision with the help of our constant customer support.👬

We have clients from all over the world, and it’s not to brag but they regret if they can’t visit us and get what they need in case of some emergency. Because we have an authentic and unlimited variety of every possible brand you ever want, being the ever-growing retail store, since 1968.

The best possible eyewear of any brand our customers want is available at our store. The eye-testing process is not just a service but an experience at Optical Centre that you will cherish.💯

Your vision is our priority and to provide you an exceptional experience is our duty.😎

We look forward to serving you in the best possible way we can.


We deal only in genuine products which are tested and authenticated by the brands.


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